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Attorneys and Guardians – what is the difference?

As a firm that works regularly with clients in matters of estate, we often come across clients looking to create an Enduring Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Guardianship to protect their interests. The problem is – while many people may have heard dark and...

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Am I Really My Own Boss?!!!

It was once said that Paul Keating, as Treasurer, wanted to make everyone an Independent Contractor as opposed to an employee. The significant difference is that as an employee you are entitled to all the benefits which an employee has; super, sick and holiday leave and hours worked. As an Independent Contractor…

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Calling in the Lawyers

For 30 years of practice I have never heard someone say, “I want to be in this litigation.” It is always, “what else can I do? The other side is unreasonable.” CALLING IN THE LAWYERS is not about setting the parties against each other. Now that your laughter has...

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Why is it always about the child?

This phrase is often used to describe why people have chosen to undertake a certain course. The Court will often come under fire for making a decision to place a child in an environment that populist opinion considers inappropriate. What is fundamental to the decision...

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Supporting Asthma Foundation WA

Damian and Saanti from DFG Legal recently attended the Tackling Asthma with the Western Force launch down at Floreat in Perth. DFG Legal is a 2016 Tackling Asthma partner. All proceeds from …

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